Analytic Solver Course

About This Course

This is an advanced data mining course using Analytic Solver Data Mining. DM101 is a prerequisite for taking this course. This course delves deeper into data mining and forecasting topics. Take this course to learn more about neural networks and other classification and regression methods, and also to learn how to use Analytic Solver Data Mining for forecasting future behavior using smoothing methods and other predictive analytics.


To follow the material, and to complete the quizzes and exams in this course, you will need a license for Analytic Solver software -- either Analytic Solver Basic, or any of its upgrade products. This course takes six weeks to complete at a normal pace, and you may want to take other courses -- hence a 15-day won't provide enough time. If you don't have an existing Analytic Solver license, you can purchase a special short-term Analytic Solver Basic Course license for just $100.

To do this, simply click the Add to Cart button below: You'll see an Order Form with the Analytic Solver Basic Course license and this course, "Solver Academy - Data Mining 201". If you do have an existing paid license for Analytic Solver (Basic or any of its upgrades), login first with your email and password, then click the Add to Cart button. You'll see an Order Form with a Coupon code that reverses the Analytic Solver Basic Course license fee, so you pay only for the course.

You can download Analytic Solver Basic for both desktop Excel and Excel for the web.

Price: $395.00