Our prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Please read Consulting Assistance for a description of our consulting activities, and the distinction between technical support and consulting assistance.

Our practice is to charge for consulting assistance on a fixed price basis.  To do this, you and we need a clear understanding of the Scope of Work that we will perform.  We will summarize this for you in a brief written proposal and contract.  In order to prepare a proposal, we will ask you for background information on the business problem you are trying to solve, any quantitative model you have already created and/or written specifications you can provide, and sample data for the model.  We will discuss with you the probable type of model (for example linear, mixed-integer, nonlinear) and its size (number of decision variables, constraints, and uncertain parameters).

Our consulting efforts are always designed to transfer knowledge to you, so you can proceed further on your own.  We provide you with the model, spreadsheet or source code, with varying degrees of documentation depending on the Scope of Work. 

Our Consulting Terms and Conditions provide that you own exclusive rights to the specific model or source code that we develop for you, but that any work we do for you is completely separate from Frontline Systems software products (which are always licensed on a nonexclusive basis), and that such work does not restrict in any way Frontline Systems' right to create, use, license or sell other models that may solve similar problems, or have a similar structure.

To receive consulting assistance, you must provide either a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or a previously authorized, open purchase order for consulting assistance up to a specified limit, on Net 30 terms.  We must receive a "hard copy" purchase order by fax or mail.

Contact us here to learn more about Consulting Assistance.