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If you're enrolled in an appropriate course, where your professor has set up a Course Code, you can register to use Analytic Solver Basic for use in your course.  You can choose either Analytic Solver Desktop for Excel on Windows, or Analytic Solver Cloud which works in a browser, Excel on Macintosh, or Excel on Windows. If you don't have a Course Code, click Support Live Chat on the right and type "no course code".  You can also call us at 775-831-0300 and press 0 (9am - 5pm Pacific time GMT-7), or email us at

Complete the form below. Be sure to include your Course Code (required, from your instructor) and your Textbook Code (if you have one). You'll need a Course Code to obtain a license lasting more than 15 days. If you don't have a Textbook Code, enter LABBYOD in this field (don't leave it blank, despite what it says on the form). It's OK if you've registered on this site previously with the same email address.

Note: Analytic Solver Basic was formerly known as Analytic Solver Platform for Education or ASPE.  It includes both Risk Solver Platform for Education (RSPE) and XLMiner for Education, our data mining software, as subsets.

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If your instructor didn’t give you a Course Code, STOP and ask him/her to contact us at A new code is needed for each course.

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