Accelerated Machine Learning Fitting and Seamless Cloud Deployment with Analytic Solver Data Science®

Duration: 60 minutes
This webinar is ideal for you if:
  • You want to gain expertise in data-driven decision-making using data science and predictive analytics and use your spreadsheet skills.
  • You want to easily work with data in SQL databases, data warehouses, public datasets, or Excel spreadsheets.
  • You want to take the initiative and empower yourself with decision intelligence.
  • You want to make the model results and insights easily available to those who need them by deployment to the cloud and creating a custom web application for example.
  • You found that "enterprise data mining" software involves significant investment, risk, and extended learning time.
Instructor: Dr. Sima Malek
My name is Sima Maleki. I have my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I’ve been able to help business analysts like you quickly learn to build risk analysis models that yield insights – and action plans to mitigate risk. I look forward to answering your questions in these live webinars!

Join us as we delve into features and capabilities of Analytic Solver Data Science in Excel and beyond the confines of Excel. Acquire practical skills to harness data effectively and empower confident decision-making.

  • Gain data-driven insights through analysis, visualization, feature selection, and much more.
  • Efficiently fit your data with diverse statistical and machine learning models, covering a spectrum from classification and regression trees to neural networks, linear and logistic regression, discriminant analysis, naïve bayes, k-nearest neighbors, and beyond.
  • Incorporate automated risk analysis of your machine learning models. 
  • Save time with the 'Find Best Model' option for prediction and classification.
  • Create data science workflows and progress to multi-stage workflows of analytic models.
  • Anticipate future events and trends with time series forecasting.
  • Experience unparalleled freedom beyond Excel: effortlessly deploy your models to the cloud, craft custom applications, and explore limitless possibilities.

We look forward to your joining us. In the meantime, please feel free to share any questions, comments, or feedback with us at:

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