Forecasting and Machine Learning from Excel to RASON®- All you need to leverage your modeling skills and deploy analytics beyond Excel

Duration: 60 minutes
This webinar is ideal for you if:
  • Do you want to learn and get results quickly from data mining and predictive analytics for your business?
  • Have you found that "enterprise data mining" software involves far too much cost, risk and learning time?
  • Do you want to apply traditional time series forecasting and regression, and also new data mining methods?
  • Is the data you need found in SQL databases, data warehouses, public datasets, and Excel spreadsheets?
Instructor: Dr. Sima Malek
My name is Sima Maleki. I have my PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I’ve been able to help business analysts like you quickly learn to build risk analysis models that yield insights – and action plans to mitigate risk. I look forward to answering your questions in these live webinars!

Join us for our upcoming webinar to discover the latest features of Analytic Solver® for Excel and RASON® -- Frontline Systems’ cloud service and enterprise solution that empowers you to leverage models you have already created, by using low-code or no-code tools for deployment and data management.

Here are just some of the features to be covered:

  • Visualization, forecasting, text mining and predictive analytics
  • Ensemble methods
  • Data science workflows created via “drag and drop” or action recorder
  • Introduction to RASON® 
  • How to deploy your machine learning models using Analytic Solver® Deployment Wizard and create RESTful services
  • How to move beyond analytic models in Excel or RASON® and work in Power BI, Tableau, server, or your desktop apps

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