Are you good with people, but also technology-savvy, and you like to learn and win?  This position could be for you.

You'll learn rapidly about B2B (business-to-business) software sales to large companies, specifically tools for “decision intelligence”: business rules, machine learning, simulation and risk analysis, and mathematical optimization. You’ll contact new leads -- typically people who have "opted in" on our website -- by phone and email, qualify their interest, and make appointments for the most-qualified prospects with our account executives. You may also contact former customers to qualify them for a "reactivation" offer of our newest products.

About Your Skills

●  Results-oriented -- you like to hit or exceed your goals
●  Able and willing to use Microsoft Office suite and web-based software (our CRM, modern sales tools, our own software)
●  Able to speak as a business professional on the phone, and write clear and professional emails
●  Willing to learn from our sales and tech professionals (your "learner's mindset")
●  Resourceful and able to solve problems yourself
●  Bias for action; strong work ethic and team player
●  Experience with inside sales and cold calling is a definite plus (though most of our leads are “warm” rather than “cold”)

About Our Company

Frontline Systems ( is a leading vendor of software for "decision analytics" -- we developed the Solver in Microsoft Excel, the most-used tool for mathematical optimization. We’ve licensed our software to over 10,000 organizations – typically Fortune 1000 or Global 2000 companies – and more than 500,000 students have learned about advanced analytics by using our software in business or MBA courses taught around the world. Our Analytic Solver Desktop and Cloud is the market-leading analytics product for Microsoft Excel, and our RASON Decision Service is a uniquely powerful, perfect fit for Microsoft's fast-growing Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate tools. We offer great technical support, help in building analytic models, and powerful learning aids like Solver.Academy.

About This Job

A “sales development rep” or SDR focuses on leads – people likely to be interested, or who recently expressed interest in a product, but are at the early stages of learning more and deciding if the product is right for them. An SDR’s role is to help these people move towards their goals, by (i) proactively contacting them by phone or email, (ii) asking questions to “qualify them” (ask about their business problem, and determine “where they are” in their decision process), and (iii) helping them take the best next step: for example, attend a live webinar, start a free software trial, or speak with an account executive.

An SDR also becomes expert at using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to capture the information he/she gains about leads and prospects, which enables him/her and others to stay in sync with people as they move through their own buying process, delivering the most appropriate message at each step.

This role has a growth path in sales (account executive) and in customer success (customer success manager).

How You'll Learn

You will need to gain familiarity with Frontline’s software, and become conversant with (not necessarily a technical expert in) data mining, text mining, simulation and risk analysis, and mathematical optimization. Equally important, you must learn to use our CRM (a web-based system called Infusionsoft) very effectively. We will provide skills training in both of these areas. Finally, you’ll need to learn the right questions to ask to qualify our leads: to understand the problem they’re trying to solve, determine what kind of software can work for them (e.g. data mining versus optimization), and assess their interest level, financial ability to buy, and timeline. You’ll spend time with Frontline’s senior managers as you learn these qualification skills.

How to Apply

Email your resume and/or your questions to