If you want to build an application using optimization and/or simulation, and then distribute your application to end users or offer it on an Intranetor Web server, or as a Web service, you've come to the right place!

Frontline Systems has extensive experience supporting application developers through the development and testing process, and negotiating mutually acceptable licensing agreements that make it easy to distribute or deploy your application.  We'll treat you as either an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or as a Corporate Developer, eligible for special Runtime License prices and terms.

Runtime Licenses:  Please read our full discussion of Runtime Licensing Programs.  We offer programs customized for both ISVs and Corporate Developers.  We have worked hard to create flexibility in runtime licenses, so that we can closely match our prices and runtime license scope to the requirements of your application.  Our sales people will be happy to consult with you on the type of runtime license that best fits your needs.

License Agreements:  Runtime licenses may be purchased only after an appropriate license agreement is signed with Frontline Systems.  We offer a standard form of license agreement, that is sufficient for many common situations, and does not require a license origination fee.  If our standard form of agreement is not appropriate, we'll be happy to negotiate a custom agreement with your organization that includes a license origination fee to cover the extra costs of negotiation.

Types of Licenses:  We offer three basic types of runtime licenses:

  • Named User Runtime licenses are designed for situations where the users of your application can be easily identified and counted.  License fees are based on the number of users ("one time" per user).
  • Flexible Use Runtime licenses are designed for situations -- such as cloud-based applications or public websites -- where Named User Runtime licenses aren't workable because the identity and/or number of users cannot easily be determined.  Fees are based on time -- normally monthly -- and the power of the host -- normally the number of virtual cores.
  • Royalty Based Runtime licenses are designed for situations -- normally involving ISVs -- where the way your application is sold/licensed and delivered doesn't match either the Named User Runtime or Flexible Use Runtime assumptions.  Fees are based on a percentage of the revenue you receive for applications which embed and use our software.

Getting Started:  To get started, first register so that can you download evaluation versions of our software, and access "protected" Web pages and documents.  Registration is quick and easy, and there's no cost or obligation -- just click here.

Then click fill out this form and enter some basic information that will help us work with you more effectively:  About your application, its stage of development, and your tentative distribution or deployment plans. We'll respond by email -- typically within one to two business days.

We know that software development takes time and planning -- we're happy to work with you when you need us, as your application moves from early planning to development, testing, and deployment.  If you have questions, please contact us at any time.