How Big Data Can Improve Healthcare, According to University of Michigan

Big Data is a hot topic in the business and technology world right now, but it’s infiltrating even more aspects of our lives, including our healthcare systems. According to this post from Health IT Outcomes, the University of Michigan has recently invested a whopping $100 million into a new initiative involving big data and science. The goal of the initiative will be to use research from a variety of fields, namely transportation and health and social sciences, to develop new approaches to using big data.

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Past, Present & Future: Where BI and Data Science Come Into Play

People who don’t work directly in the business intelligence and data science domains tend to get the two confused rather frequently. They both make sense of data and make important business decisions based on that data, but how they do so is completely different from one another. This post from Big Data Collective looks at some of the major differences between the two positions, and how companies can synthesize the two roles to make the most insightful decisions and predictions.

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A Power Query How-To From an Expert

For this week’s podcast, Chandoo interviewed Power Query expert Miguel Escobar on what he is currently working on, as well as how Power Query and Power BI can be used. He focuses on what Power Query is and what it actually does, how to install it, and then gives a few examples of how it can be used. Escobar also shares insight on Power BI and the resources that he finds useful in learning Power Query.
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