Hard-working, disciplined, ambitious, and patient. These are common behaviors of people who set goals and successfully achieve their life dreams. But what if we told you there’s one more important action often overlooked? 


That’s right. One financial advisor has discovered that by using a sophisticated mathematical algorithm, he can greatly increase his clients’ likelihood of having the necessary funds to realize their dreams and life goals.


Erik Nordenskjöld left his job at a large Swedish bank to start his own financial advisory firm, Citroneer. Erik wanted to help people not only have enough money for a comfortable retirement, but also to have the funds to achieve their big life dreams along the way. 

Whether it’s to travel the world, start a business, write a book, or swim with dolphins, these dreams generally come with a price tag and Erik’s clients are turning to him to help them find ways to afford their dreams.

Formulating savings and investing plans can be complicated. With literally millions of investment options, (ex. equities, bonds, hedge funds, gold, merger market debt, etc), each option comes with its own set of returns and risk, and they’re constantly changing. To further complicate things, each client comes with their own unique circumstances (ex, amount available to invest, diversification, timeline, life expenses, debt, etc).

When Erik was working at the big bank, they had robust computer programs that would take into account all of the variables to create  financial plans for their clients. But now as a small business owner, Erik didn’t have access to those deep and expensive resources nor did he have thousands of hours to build them on his own.


“Solver gives me feedback to know if my model is working or needs to be adjusted.”

In search of the best modeling tool on the market, Erik tried all the different software solutions he could find online. That’s when he found Analytic Solver. 

He now uses Analytic Solver to run a mathematical algorithm that finds the investment opportunities that will yield the highest return with the lowest risk. He also uses the software to make visual charts and graphs to show his clients a clear path from their current financial situation to their desired future. He calls this service a Portfolio Optimizer. 

Erik chose Analytic Solver because he found it very simple to integrate and it was easy to add and adjust constraints that are interdependent. Additionally, the software gives him feedback on his models so that he knows if they are or aren’t configured properly, ultimately giving him more confidence that he was making the best recommendations possible for his clients.

Optimized Asset Allocation


Because Erik is using data and analytic methods, he is eliminating much of the guesswork other financial advisors may rely on. 

The model he built in Analytic Solver has made it possible for him, as an independent business owner, to benefit from sophisticated modeling tools, previously only available to large corporations with big budgets. 

He’s found a great sense of confidence in his recommendations to his clients to show them where they should be investing their hard earned dollars. 

His clients are able to get the biggest return on their investment with the least possible risk.

“I tried every software I could find online. But Analytic Solver was by far the simplest to add and easy to implement.”

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