Use Risk Solver Add-on from Frontline Systems to perform risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in your spreadsheet.  This Add-on includes key features from Frontline Systems' Risk Solver Pro add-in for Microsoft Excel.

  • Point and click to insert probability distributions into cells representing uncertain inputs in your model, and set their parameters.
  • Choose from 30 different continuous distribution, from Beta to Weibull, and 8 discrete distributions, from Bernoulli to Poisson.
  • Point and click to mark cells computing results that you want to monitor during the simulation.

Click to run and in a few seconds, you’ll have results from 1,000 Monte Carlo trials, with charts and statistics:

  • Frequency histograms
  • Sensitivity (tornado) charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Summary statistics such as mean and standard deviation
  • Percentiles

Copy statistics and percentiles into a worksheet cell range with one click.  You can even step through the Monte Carlo trials and see each result calculated on your worksheet.

Risk Solver Add-on helps you go beyond what-if analysis to perform realistic risk analysis.  Move from simple average-best-worst case analysis to see the full range of possible outcomes, and quantify your downside risk and upside potential.  For applications in pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, finance and insurance, and manufacturing quality control, this type of risk analysis is essential.

This free Add-on supports up to 24 uncertain inputs and 12 uncertain outputs, and 1,000 Monte Carlo trials.  Simulations are performed on Frontline’s backend Solver Server, running on Windows Azure. This server has a finite capacity, as currently provisioned (and paid for) by Frontline Systems, so at times there can be delays. To run simulations with more (even thousands of) uncertain inputs and outputs, and more (even hundreds of thousands of) Monte Carlo trials, please contact Frontline Systems about using Risk Solver Add-on with Risk Solver Pro.

For more help, please see our companion Risk Solver App tool for Excel Online.