Cut Complexity Bypass Barriers Realize ROI Build Expertise


Cut Complexity: Leverage Skills You Already Have

Leverage Excel skills, while you deploy models in Power Platform and your web and mobile apps

Does "Analytics Success" have to mean Big Projects, with Big Data and Big Budgets? Not for our customers! Thousands of large and small companies have learned to leverage the skills they already have to get results faster, with less cost and risk.

Start by building sophisticated analytics models in Excel, that can scale up to millions of decisions. Deploy models to run in Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, or your own apps. You'll be surprised by how much you can do - with your own team.

  • Find optimal ways to allocate resources with full-spectrum Optimization: from linear programming to nonlinear optimization to genetic algorithms.
  • Model and mitigate uncertainty with easy-to-use Monte Carlo simulation, decision trees and simulation optimization. Convert @RISK models with one button click.
  • Easily move from Excel to Teams, Power BI / Tableau dashboards, or your apps. Use RASON® to secure models, access SQL or Dynamics/Power Platform data sources.
  • Easily build data science and machine learning models in Excel, with automated risk analysis of future model performance.


Bypass Barriers between Analysts and Developers

Analysts and Developers have a common language for model-building and deployment

Do your Analysts speak Excel, but your Developers speak C# and JavaScript? That's common, but it can raise costs and complexity when you deploy analytic models for use by many people in day-to-day operations.

Our solution: RASON® is a common language for models that includes the entire Excel formula language as a subset -- easy for analysts, yet is embedded in JSON -- easy for developers working on servers or web/mobile clients.

  • Build models and test in Excel with sample data, then easily turn them into RASON® web applications without coding
  • Easily run RASON models on a desktop PC, a company server, a web or mobile app using a REST API service
  • Use leading-edge machine learning algorithms, optimization solvers, and simulation methods from anywhere
  • Write your model once, write application code once: Analysts and developers can both make changes and improvements


Realize ROI: Big Savings on Small Investments

We've helped thousands of companies Realize ROI with an Optimization Model

Insights from analytics are nice. Saving serious money is better. That's what our customers achieve -- often saving millions on an investment of thousands.

How? They find ways to allocate resources -- money, staff time, inventory, vehicles -- more efficiently, with the aid of an optimization model.

This isn't some possible future benefit, way down the "road of analytics maturity." This is what we do every day -- helping companies like yours get results quickly.

  • Leverage your business knowledge and Excel skills to allocate scarce resources optimally, maximizing profit or minimizing cost while meeting resource constraints.
  • Use every method: linear/integer programming, nonlinear and global optimization, genetic algorithms and more, solving the largest models with state-of-the-art solvers, all in Excel.
  • Go beyond standard optimization to incorporate uncertainty and solve using simulation optimization, stochastic programming, and robust optimization methods.
  • Use automated model diagnosis and infeasibility analysis, our Constraint Wizard, and Guided Mode plus expert tech support to build the right kind of model and get it working


Build Expertise with Analytics in Your Current Team

Use our Learning Resources to Build Analytics Expertise - While Getting Results

Does "Analytics Success" have to mean months spent finding and hiring expensive data science "unicorns," who need a year or more to learn your business -- before you see real business outcomes? Not at all.

Get better results by building analytics expertise in your current team of business analysts and developers. Use all the learning resources available for our software, while building real models and realizing ROI.

  • Start on "day one" with our 100+ example models, online Help, video tutorials, and live chat with support, right inside Excel
  • Leverage Excel skills, data you already have in Excel, and scores of data source connectors supported in Excel
  • Use the many MBA textbooks that use our software throughout to learn data mining, simulation and optimization methods.
  • Learn, take quizzes and earn certificates with our self-service courses in data mining, simulation and optimization at Solver.Academy